Employees must support their organization in their thoughts and actions if the business is to be successful. Your company probably values diversity, teamwork, honesty, and dedication. Yet, employees may be exclusionary, abrasive, prone to pilfering, or un-engaged. Your corporate values are probably engraved on plaques near the leader’s office, but may not be embraced by your employees. Yet, imagine inexpensive, effective, easily adopted, and rapidly implementable solutions being at your fingertips! These solutions come in the form of stories, rituals, and symbols that flow from your organizational culture.


Everyone should be comfortable with the idea of stories in business. Every business has material that presents “their story.” Every salesperson has the “elevator speech,” a short version of their personal story. These stories convey important cultural information to stakeholders. So, be comfortable using this approach to communicate your cultural values to your stakeholders (leaders, employees, community members, supply chain members, and customers).

These stories are often referred to as “tribal stories.” They should be epic, emotional, inspiring, or even terrifying. This is an inexpensive, effective, easily adopted, and rapidly implemented tool for sharing your culture with those that support your business. Identify and share tribal stories with your employees and other stakeholders to strengthen your organizational culture.


Consider symbols that are used in business: logos, uniforms, professional insignias, and how these easily convey complex meaning. If a financial service company values ethical behavior, they could place a small balance in each office to remind employees to be honest. If you have any questions about adopting symbols to strengthen your organizational culture, reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.


Rituals are a common method for sharing cultural values. Some common rituals are: promotion ceremonies, retirement lunches, gift awards, company songs, corporate outings, and casual Fridays. These rituals teach the values of belonging to a team, reaching goals, inspiring others, and dependability. Rituals are often a great way to increase morale as well as reinforcing organizational values! Look to develop specific rituals that reinforce your culture.

Strengthen Your Culture

If your business has areas where the culture does not match your values, consider using stories, symbols, and rituals to create inexpensive, effective, easily adopted, and rapidly implemented solutions for fast results. WE can help you to strengthen your organizational culture through the adoption and effective use of stories, symbols, and rituals.

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