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What is the name of your company?
What experience do you have learning about the history of your company.
What is your experience  in working at this location and how it makes you feel?
Why do you think customers do business with your company?
What have you experienced  other employees saying about working for this company?
What was the process that you experienced when you started to work for this company and did it influence how you feel about the company?
What informs you of how you may be performing as an employee?
What is your experience in being prepared for greater responsibility within your company?
Do you experience pride and satisfaction in your work?
In your experience, what things are most important to your company and why?
In your experience, how often do people quit working for this company and if you know, why do they quit?
In your experience, what could the company do that would most help you to improve as an employee?
In your experience, how well do people function together in this organization?
In your experience, what would you say about the supervisors at your company?
In your experience, how do you feel the company sees you?
In your experience, what is one change the company could make that would accomplish the most good?
Looking back on things, how do your feel about your supervisors?
How could the company keep you as an employee?
In your experience, how does the company select new employees?
If your closest friends or family members have commented on your work with this company, what did they say?
What do you think about this survey? What do you think we could do to make it better