Planning for Success or Putting Out Fires?

How many hats are you wearing? Most small businesses employ fewer than 10 employees. Often, small business owners (SBO) are forced to address tax, legal, and other concerns. Many of these issues may be new to the SBO. Due to the newness and complexity of these topics, it takes significantly more time to address them than is available to SBO’s.  Yet, these concerns have nothing to do with the dreams that inspired the business.  They are distractions, and there are always new ones. There is little time for planning to effectively grow the business.

Yet, if there is a good product, growth may occur. However, if unplanned growth happens, it is almost “by luck.” The business may continue to grow for a time.  Yet, when unplanned growth exceeds the SBO’s ability to oversee the business, distractions are compounded. There is even less time to grow the business.

Signs of Unplanned Growth

There are several signs of unplanned business growth.  Increases in the numbers of product rejects, poor customer service, and order errors point to weakening control over the business. Further, employee problems, and the easing of standard procedures also come with unplanned growth. Does this sound familiar? Would you like to overcome these types of problems? Would you like to keep them from happening in the first place?

A Vision of Success

Planned growth allows for standardized procedures (systems) that guide each section of your business to work with the others (finance, accounting, HR, sales, and operations).

These systems flow from your vision for the business. They include the ideas that are important to the organization (your values). Ultimately, they direct the way your employees relate to the company, each other, and everyone that the business touches. This is known as organizational culture.

These systems direct how each department functions. The systems also guide how each interacts with the others. Also, these systems teach suppliers and customers about your values, and your business. There is a consistent understanding of how you operate your business. With these systems in place, your business operates effectively, efficiently, and consistently. There is one, well-defined system that leads all elements of the business in a common direction. This is strategic alignment.

Planning for Success

Business growth must be planned. Also, the right tools must be used to execute the growth strategies. Let us help you. We can help you prepare for growth. We can also help you regain control over your business if unexpected growth is causing problems.

We are appealing to small business owners. You are not too small to be concerned about the future of your business. These tools can make going to work more profitable and a lot more enjoyable. Our services will pay for themselves, or you pay us nothing.

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