Organizational Culture

Organizational culture flows from your mission statement, organizational vision, and organizational values, Culture is a core component of an organization, as are the structure, strategies, and business plans, but culture is often overlooked. At best, a culture developed in an unplanned, reactionary, manner is vague and provides little to the organization. In the worst-case scenarios, a poor culture leads to employee morale issues: significant conflict, loss of productivity, high employee turnover, and customer issues, among others.

In most cases, a strong culture is developed proactively, with intent, and methodically implemented. A strong, well defined, culture will guide organizational members to the thoughts and actions that will best support the organization and its goals. A strong culture will significantly minimize issues associated with low employee morale.

The Cost of Poor Culture

Implementing culture change is easier and more profitable than sticking with a poor culture. Calculate the time, money, and resources lost due to employee turnover and apathy. What does it cost to replace even one employee? Implementing a strong, effective culture will likely cost less to implement than it would cost to replace 1 employee and provide more value from all employees.

Culture Change Overview

Developing a strong, effective, culture significantly minimizes employee morale issues. It also lowers costs, and improves productivity. Organizational culture change begins with assessing the current culture and its relationship to your values, strategies, and potential growth. This analysis will identify helpful changes that can be made to strengthen the culture. Depending on scope of a given project, we can also consult with suppliers, customers, or other stakeholders. Next, we provide proven solutions for addressing specific problem areas. We also provide metrics for tracking the effectiveness of your improved culture. Moving forward, we work with management and organizational members to implement the new culture and ensure that it takes-root. We also follow-up to ensure that the changes are effective and remain in place.

Our Offer to You

Perhaps your organization is suffering from low employee morale. We will work with you and perform an initial survey (free-of-charge) that will analyze your specific situation and provide a sound basis for moving forward. You pay nothing until you are completely satisfied with our work. We deliver results and we get paid when you are fully satisfied.

One last point: culture is dynamic and may drift due to external or internal factors. Changes in location, legal requirements, employee demographics and expectations can create a situation where it is helpful to review your current organizational culture, values, and strategic alignment.


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