A strong relationship exists between culture, employee engagement, employee productivity, and employee turnover. A strong cultural identity that flows naturally from well defined, effectively articulated, and actionable mission statement/values statement is necessary for the smooth, profitable operation of a business. Organizational strategies, processes, and relationships must also be aligned with the culture and values. If there is misalignment, there will be disruptions. These disruptions are certainly not limited to, but will often come in the form of excessive employee turnover, a lack of employee engagement, low productivity, and customer complaints. Each of these unfortunate issues drain time, resources, and money.

Perhaps, the culture envisioned by senior leaders is appropriate, but just has not taken root in the organization as intended. In this case, there is a functional misalignment that results in the disruptions and employee issues discussed above.

Unplanned Growth and Growth

Young organizations that have been staffed by a few people, but are seeking rapid growth may have never given thought to what their values and culture are. When issues came up, the handful of employees just “handled it.” However, that approach is overly simplistic for an organization poised to expand.

Consider: what are your thoughts on diversity, corporate social responsibility, conflict resolution, and on-boarding? the implementation of you our culture and values will determine how effectively these issues (and numerous others) are “handled.”

Growth Planning and Values

If your organization is poised for growth, we can work with you to develop a strong, effective, set of values and cultural identity. Being proactive will be well worth the effort and investment. Likewise, if your organization is dealing with significant disruptions that are due to poor organizational culture, or lagging commitment to your organizational values, we will work with you to develop and implement effective solutions.

Our interdisciplinary team of professional consultants will work with you to create and fully implement a clearly articulated, well defined, actionable Values Statement and cultural identity that will lead to higher employee morale, and higher profits.

Patrick J. Benac