Developing the Value of Human Capital

The Benac Group is based in Columbia, Missouri and serves businesses throughout North America.  We specialize in improving the value of  your human capital.  Organizational culture, employee engagement, worker productivity, and employee turnover directly impact the value you receive from your personnel. We help organizations overcome: unsustainable employee turnover, low employee morale, low productivity, excessive returns or re-works, or a toxic workplace environment to maximize the value of their human capital.

Organizational Culture 

  • We develop effective organizational culture that significantly increases employee engagement, productivity, and minimize employee turnover.

Employee Engagement 

  • We provide hiring practices and effective leadership techniques specifically designed to support strong employee engagement.

Employee Productivity

  • We provide an effective culture, leadership techniques, and highly targeted incentives that drive productivity.

Employee Turnover Reduction

  • High employee turnover is very costly. Let us show you exactly what it is costing and how much your organization can gain by working with us.

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Professional Summary

Patrick J. Benac
[email protected]


I have over 35 years of professional experience and understand the synergistic relationships between organizational culture, employee engagement, worker productivity, and employee turnover.

My pragmatic approach to organizational problem solving relies on academic literature, 35 years of real-world experience, context assessment, and input from leadership, managers and employees to determine an individualized, best plan of action. This pragmatic approach ensures that employee engagement, productivity, and retention are maximized for each client.

Human Capital Development:

• Org. culture design and implementation
• Recruiting philosophy and strategies
• Interviewing strategies and techniques
• Onboarding program development
• Engagement benchmarking • Leadership development
• Development of performance metrics
• Employee turnover mitigation
• Communication planning and delivery
• Culture alignment


Organizational culture development and employee engagement initiatives for a medium-sized manufacturing facility, and several medical practices.

• Developed recruiting profiles for engagement-prone employees.
• Developed interview strategies for interviewing prospective employees.
• Developed engagement-centered onboarding program for new employees.
• Coached leaders on engagement-building and effective leadership.
• Worked with leadership to develop performance metrics tied to corporate culture, job performance, and compensation structure.
• Developed communication strategies for effectively implementing culture change.


• DBA, Business Administration, Argosy University
• MBA, Business Administration, Argosy University
• BA, Environmental Management, University of Maryland

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Brief Process Overview

Initial Consultation (Free)

  • Your Goals
  • Our Capabilities
  • Deliverables
  • Time Tables
  • Fee Structure

Evaluation and Assessment (Benchmarking)

  • Physical location(s)
  • Executive Interviews
  • Management Interviews
  • Employee Interviews
  • Contractor Interviews
  • Customer Interviews (where appropriate)
  • Social Media

Report of Findings and Recommendations

  • Culture
  • Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Turnover


  • Establishing Corrective Actions
  • Establishing Methodologies, Metrics, and Milestones
  • Verification & Tracking

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