Making the Complex Manageable

The Benac Group serves businesses within the Chicago-land and Northwest Indiana area markets.  Organizational culture, employee engagement, worker productivity, and employee turnover are inter-related in a complex manner.  We work to make what is complex manageable while improving your operations and profitability.

  • Organizational Culture
    The shared values, thoughts, and actions of your organizational members are your culture. A healthy culture causes your people to think and act in a manner that is supportive of your organizational mission. We will help you to develop an effective culture that can significantly improve the profitability of your business.
  • Employee Engagement
    Each organization needs its employees to be fully engaged in supporting the organization. However, many organizations suffer with bad hires, absenteeism, low employee productivity, and employee turnover. We understand the complexities associated with employee engagement. Together, we can manage these complex issues to significantly improve your operations and profitability.

Strategic Alignment

Strategic alignment is a purposeful process of organizing your business to support its goals and operate at maximum profitability. Your organizational culture, processes, and resources must be correctly aligned if your business is to operate efficiently and profitably. We understand the complex issues relating to strategic alignment and we will work with you to successfully manage them.

Management Support and Organizational Culture

An organization’s existing culture is frequently incompatible with supporting organizational goals. To develop solid strategic alignment, management must often implement culture change. Further, employee motivation and acceptance of change are all driven by senior leadership. Yet, over 70% of organizational change efforts fail. These failures are usually the result of management resistance, or a lack of sustained attention on the part of senior leadership. We will succeed where 70% of the others have failed.